Empowering leaders and teams to create positive change.

Hi, I’m Melissa

I believe the key to success is curiosity. Asking questions, exploring different perspectives, and putting ideas into practice enable continuous learning and growth. The result is a sense of empowerment as you transform personally and professionally.

I bring a unique blend of research-based disciplines to my work in order to ignite self-awareness that directs you toward making the best decisions.

  • Learnings from neuroscience promote understanding and management of your thoughts and emotions.
  • A positive psychology approach will help you clarify your strengths and build upon what’s already going well.
  • And, mindfulness techniques can help reduce the noise and sharpen your focus.

We’ll work together to help you establish a strong foundation, capable of supporting ever-blooming improvements in both your professional and personal life.


Because change takes time, I work with my clients over a period of six months, striving to create an environment of equal partnership with your voice being heard more than mine. I’ll ask you questions to help identify what is most important to you as a leader, clarify your goals, and reveal different perspectives and solutions to produce the impact you want to see. I believe we all have our own best answers, we sometimes just need a little help discovering them.


Life is filled with unknowns and can easily make us feel we are the only ones experiencing challenges along the way. Joining a leadership cohort offers the opportunity to exchange ideas, share real world successes and failures, and explore different perspectives with your peers that can spark growth and accelerate learning. Each workshop is designed to build leadership skills through greater self-awareness, all while forming a dependable support network that endures beyond the end of the program.


A high-performing team is made up of people who enjoy their work, excel in their roles, and contribute to a healthy work atmosphere. To help you create this, I use a variety of tools to understand your team’s individual strengths, how they work together as a group, and where opportunities for improvement lie. Through experiential workshops, we produce a plan that you can integrate over time, while keeping your team motivated to continue reaching for your desired results.

Let the transformation begin!

I believe a life of exploration provides the greatest clarity. Allowing ourselves to be curious puts all the options on the table, leaving room to gain perspective, build relationships, and learn from each other.

There are many roads to success, but the road to get there comes from inside. I help professionals connect the dots between experiences and ideas to determine what success and leadership mean to them.