Hi, I am Melissa Bloom.

The CEO of Full Bloom Coaching and Your Transformation Leadership Coach.


I empower leaders who want to make an impact.
Build Your Confidence. Push Your Limits. Reach Your Potential.



Coaching is an opportunity to invest in yourself. To clarify what is most important to you and to establish a path to achieving your goals.

This one-on-one coaching engagement is customized to help you engage your curiosity, learn about yourself, and explore what’s possible. We’ll build upon this increased awareness to identify patterns you want to change and begin building new habits that enable you to achieve your goals and thrive in life.



Life is filled with change, and it can often feel like you are the only one experiencing challenges along the way.  Joining a leadership cohort enables you to explore and grow with others. You’ll identify commonalities, learn from other’s experiences,  and celebrate each other’s success.

Each workshop is designed to build leadership through greater self-awareness, real-time application of learnings, and opportunities for reflection that bring it all together.


One of the things I love most about my work is the endless opportunities for learning. I draw from a variety of disciplines – – from neuroscience to mindfulness, from studies of effective leaders to the impacts of happiness. In addition to being curious, I am extremely practical – I want to see ideas in action!

As a speaker, I bring new ideas paired with strategies to enable you to put your learnings into practice quickly.

Here are a few of my most popular topics:
Inclusive Leadership
Getting In Tune with Your Emotions
Building Better Habits
Managing Stress, Building Resilience

Let the Transformation Begin!

I believe a life of exploration provides the greatest clarity. Allowing ourselves to be curious puts all the options on the table, leaving room to gain perspective, build relationships, and learn from each other.

There are many roads to success, but the road to get there comes from inside. I help professionals connect the dots between experiences and ideas in order to determine what success & leadership mean to them.